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DCnU Kid FlashFollowing the company wide reboot of the DC Universe, Wally made his first appearance in The Flash #30 and his full debut in The Flash Annual #3 appearing as bi-racial 12-year old who is caught by Barry spray painting a wall and crossing out The Flash symbol. He still shares his relationship with Iris West as her nephew. Iris states that Wally's father ran off while he was young and his mother disappeared during the Crime Syndicates attack during Forever Evil.

Wally blames the Flash for putting his Uncle Daniel (the Reverse-Flash) in jail and for not doing anything during the Crime Syndicate's destruction and a result, the disappearance of his mother. Iris attempts to get Barry's help in helping Wally.

Five years later Wally learns the Flash's identity when he encounters the future Flash who reveals himself to be Barry Allen 15 years later from the current timeline. However after learning the goals of the future Flash he absorbs a part of the speed force during an explosion while Barry of the present timeline fights the future Flash turning Wally into the new speedster.

The adventure as the new speedster however is short-lived as Wally sacrificed himself to absorb the energy that's supposedly consuming Barry Allen of the present timeline in order to fix the wound of the Speed Force.

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