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The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure is a Filmation animated series that aired on CBS from 1967 to 1968. Premiering on September 9, 1967, this 60-minute program included a series of six-minute adventures featuring various DC Comics Super Heroes.



Justice League of America - 1967 Cartoon Intro


Each episode consisted of new segments from the existing series, The New Adventures of Superman and The Adventures of Superboy, as well as outings for Aquaman and his sidekick Aqualad. Superman fans generally regard it as the second season of The New Adventures. As a part of The New Adventures, it is notable for containing some of the final work done by Bud Collyer, the voice actor who had originated the roles of Superman and Clark Kent on radio. It also included a rotating series of 'guest star' cartoons featuring the Atom, the Flash and Kid Flash, the Green Lantern, Hawkman and new shorts from The Adventures of Superboy. The Justice League of America (Atom, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Aquaman and Superman) and Teen Titans (Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad, but not Robin) were also featured in team adventures. 

Many of the shorts were penned and script-edited by DC Comics employees. Bob Haney and George Kashdan — the writing-editing team who were then producing the original version of the Teen Titans comic book — were prolific on the series, taking on nearly all the "guest star" cartoons. Mort Weisinger, editor of all Superman comic titles during the 1960s, served as script editor for the shorts featuring Kal-El. This use of comic writers on the television series tended to make them "a very faithful adaption to the comic book mythos." Even so, there were some elements which were unique to the cartoons, such as secondary characters in the Hawkman, Green Lantern and Atom shorts.

This series marked the animation debut of nearly all of its featured characters and teams. The exceptions were Superman and his supporting cast, who had been previously immortalized in the iconic 1940s Superman shorts (and later in The New Adventures of Superman), and the Superboy characters, seen in the previous season of The Adventures of Superboy.


01 Menace of the Black Manta THE ATOM: Invasion of the Beetle-Men
02 The Rampaging Reptile-Men THE ATOM: The Plant Master
03 The Return Of Nepto THE ATOM: The House of Doom
04 The Fiery Invaders
05 Sea Raiders THE FLASH: The Chemo-Creature
06 War Of The Water Worlds THE FLASH: Take a Giant Step
07 The Volcanic Monster THE FLASH: To Catch a Blue Bolt
08 The Crimson Monster From The Pink Pool
09 The Ice Dragon GREEN LANTERN: Evil is as Evil Does
10 The Deadly Drillers GREEN LANTERN: The Vanishing World
11 Vassa, Queen Of The Mermen GREEN LANTERN: Sirena, Empress of Evil
12 The Microscopic Monsters
13 The Onslaught Of The Octomen HAWKMAN: Peril from Pluto
14 Treacherous Is The Torpedo Man HAWKMAN: A Visit to Venus
15 The Satanic Saturnians HAWKMAN: The Twenty Third Dimension
16 The Brain, The Brave And The Bold
17 Where Lurks the Fisherman! JLA: Between Two Armies
18 Mephisto's Marine Marauders JLA: Target Earth
19 Trio Of Terror JLA: Bad Day on Black Mountain
20 The Torp, The Magneto And The Claw
21 Goliaths Of The Deep-Sea Gorge TEEN TITANS: The Monster Machine
22 The Sinister Sea Scamp TEEN TITANS: The Space Beast Round-Up
23 The Devil Fish TEEN TITANS: Operation Rescue
24 The Sea Scavengers
25 In Captain Cuda's Clutches
26 The Mirror-Man From Planet Imago
27 The Sea Sorcerer
28 The Sea-Snares Of Captain Sly
29 The Undersea Trojan Horse
30 The Vicious Villainy Of Vassa
31 Programmed For Destruction
32 The War Of The Quatix And The Bimphars
33 The Stickmen Of Stygia
34 Three Wishes To Trouble
35 The Silver Sphere
36 To Catch A Fisherman

01 The Force Phantom A.P.E. Strikes Again Luthor's Lethal Laser pt 1 The Spy From Outer Space pt 1
02 The Mermen of Emor The Lethal Lightning Bug Luthor's Lethal Laser pt 2 The Spy From Outer Space pt 2
03 The Prehistoric Pterodactyls The Prankster Can a Luthor Change His Spots? pt 1 Krypto's Calamitous Capers
04 Merlin's Magic Marbles The Saboteurs Can a Luthor Change His Spots? pt 2 The Man Who Knew Superboy's Secret
05 The Threat of the Thrutans The Wisp of Wickedness The Team of Terror pt 1 The Deep Sea Dragon
06 The Wicked Warlock Superman Meets His Match The Team of Terror pt 2 The Super Clown of Smallville
07 The Chimp Who Made It Big Night of the Octopod Rain of Iron pt 1 The Visitor from the Earth's Core
08 The Deadly Icebergs  Brainiac's Bubbles Rain of Iron pt 2 The Beast that went Berzerk
09 Robot of Riga War of the Bee Battalion The Mysterious Mr. Mist pt 1 Superboy's Strangest Foe
10 The Invisible Raiders The Toyman's Super-Toy The Mysterious Mr. Mist pt 2 The Capricious Crony
11 Neolithic Nightmare The Cage of Glass Luminians on the Loose pt 1 Krypto, Super Seeing-Eye Dog
12 The Return of Brainiac The Atomic Superman Luminians on the Loose pt 2 The Black Knight
13 The Magnetic Monster Luthor's Loco Looking Glass The Ghost of Kilbane Castle pt 1 Operation Counter Invasion
14 The Toys of Doom The Warlock's Revenge The Ghost of Kilbane Castle pt 2 The Jinxed Circus
15 The Iron Eater The Halyah of the Himalayas The Japanese Sandman pt 1 Hurricane Fighters
16 The Ape Army of the Amazon Luthor's Fatal Fireworks The Japanese Sandman pt 2 Superboy's Super-Dilemma
17 The Fire Phantom A Devil of a Time
18 The Deadly Dish The Revolt of Robotville
19 Insect Raiders The Beast With Two Faces
20 Return of the Warlock The Gorilla Gang
21 The Abominable Iceman The Chameleon Creature
22 The Men from A.P.E. The Great Space Race
23 The Tree Man of Arbora Finger of Doom
24 The Image Maker Krypto, K-9 Detective
25 Superman's Double Trouble The Neanderthal Caveman Caper
26 The Deadly Super-Doll The Terrible Trio
27 Lava Men Forget Me Not, Superdog
28 Luthor Strikes Again Superboy Meets Mighty Lad
29 Mission to Planet Peril King Superboy
30 The Pernicious Parasite Double Trouble, Double Doom
31 The Two Faces of Superman The Trap of the Super Spacemen
32 The Imp-Practical Joker The Space Refugees
33 Superman Meets Brainiac The Monster Molecule
34 Seeds of Disaster The Great Kryptonite Caper
35 The Malevolent Mummy
36 The Birdmen from Lost Valley

DC SUPER HEROES unproduced shows[]


Blackhawk press sheet

Due to the success of the show, Filmation had produced a Metamorpho pilot and planned pilots for Plastic Man and Wonder Woman. A DC Comics cartoon hour was also being developed, with concept drawings featuring Metamorpho, Plastic Man, The Flash, The Blackhawks, the Doom Patrol, B'Wana Beast and the Metal Men. Plans were cancelled when CBS secured the animation rights to Batman in the wake of ABC's recent success with the Batman live action television series.  (1)