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Superhero fight club Captain Cold

superhero fight club Captain Cold







EP 4 Going Rogue:

Upon trying to steal the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond, Leonard and his crew were stopped by The Flash. Snart is in a warehouse, where a weapons dealer is showing off some major tech. First, he tries to sell Snart on a concentrated flamethrower, but when he says that he needs to slow things down, not heat them up, the man directs him to a gun that freezes things. He says he stole it from S.T.A.R. after the explosion. Snart asks him who else knows he took it, and when he says "just us," Snart says, "Just me, pal," and blasts him with the freeze gun.

Since the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond is on exhibit at the Central City Museum, Leonard decides to stake it out.  Dexter Myles (the Museum Curator) notices a strange character who looks to be studing the diamond a little to close and contacts the Central City P.D.

When he arrives, Barry finds that Snart has frozen over the road using the gun, causing a police car to spin out and almost hit Joe. He heads into a nearby theater and when The Flash goes to stop him, he starts firing the weapon off at everyone in the building, forcing Flash to dart around saving them all until he misses one and Snart makes his escape while Barry grieves the mistake.

Snart tells his men that they're going to hit the museum again tonight. When they object, he tells them that his gun can stop both the police and The Flash. His men both quit, holding a gun to his head so he can't kill them for doing so.

At the museum, Snart blasts through the door with the cold gun and walks up to the diamond.

As "Captain Cold," as Cisco named him, is about to finish him off, Cisco shows up with a much bigger prototype cold gun. He scares Snart off just enough to turn him away, not enough to get him to drop the gun or diamond, before revealing it was actually just the S.T.A.R. vacuum cleaner with LED lights.

Snart goes to see Mick, an old partner of his and a pyromaniac, with the flamethrower he'd rejected, saying that to function in Central City they needed a new kind of team.