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Zed 2

Constantine Zed



Justice League Dark

Zed is someone who can go toe-to-toe with John, and that's ultimately something we felt like we needed, we wanted a more dynamic relationship, as opposed to someone who is a teacher/mentor and a student. It just didn't feel as fertile and rich of an area as just a strong a man and a strong woman who are both very different.


PILOT: Non Est Asylum

Zed is seen drawing several sketches of Constantine at the end of the episode.

The Darkness Beneath

Zed has been drawing sketches of Constantine and runs into him in Heddwich, Pennsylvania where she helps Constantine in the Coblynau problem and to learn how to control her powers.  In the end she joins Constantine in his quest.


Zed met the British mage John Constantine in a London alleyway, and was instantly attracted to him. She brought John back to her apartment to show him her artwork. One of the sketches adorning Zed's wall was that of Constantine himself, even though she had only just met him. Moments after familiarizing herself with John, she assisted him in rescuing his ten-year-old niece Gemma Masters from a psychotic member of the Damnation Army. 

Shortly thereafter, the demon Nergal sent his grotesque agent Ironfist the Avenger to Zed's apartment on a mission to kill Constantine. Fortunately, John's quick wit convinced the creature to destroy itself while Zed and he fled to safety. He brought her to the home of his friend Ray Monde where Zed spent the night. The following morning, Zed's father Elder Martin, the apparent leader of the Resurrection Crusade barged into Monde's home and abducted her. Bringing her back to the Crusaders headquarters, they prepared her for a spiritual ritual. The ritual required a virgin, but unfortunately for the Crusaders, Zed's evening with John Constantine robbed her of her "purity".