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Constantine ep 7 Blessed Are the Damned Pastor Zachory

Constantine ep 7 Blessed Are the Damned Pastor Zackery



TV BIO: []

Pastor Zackary inherated the Briarwood First Assembly Of God from his father who would fill his  Snake Handling Church.  Now Zackary has just a handful of faithful member who would show up.  Zackary decided to use a newly caught snake for his practice and was bitten by the venomous snake and died because of this.  A few minutes later Zackary is brought back to life holding an angel feather.  This feather provided Zackary with a healing ablility beyond any normal healer.  Zachary first healed Nate Byars by creating a new leg from his missing leg.  

Word got out and people from all over the world where lining up to get held from Pastor Zackary.  The use of Angelic Magic causing a blood drop on Constantine to light up having Constantine and Zed to the town of Briarwood to inverstigate.

The feather that gave Pastor Zackary the ablitity to heal turned out to be from a Fallen Angel who was ushering Zachary to Hell because he killed a person by hitting them when he was driving drunk.  The Fallen Angel Imogen was using the people that Zackary had healed by turning them into Ghouls to retrive the feather so that the Imogen could break throught to Earth.

After the defeat of the Fallen Angel, Pastor Zackary contunines to preach at his church but without the snakes while trying to figure out his role in his new life.