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Professor Ritchie Simpson teach at Ivy University.  Rictchie was a founding member in the Newcastle Crew that did not end well and has since broken ties with Constantine.  John calls on him because of his expert knowledge of computers.

Comic Book Bio:[]

Ritchie was one of several amateur mages who joined with John Constantine as part of the colloquially named Newcastle Crew. In 1978, they learned of a purported demonic possession taking place at the Casanova Club in the borough of Newcastle and sought to lend their services. The exorcism failed terribly, and the crew disbanded shortly thereafter.

Ritchie continued to enhance his knowledge of the occult and became an adept techno-mage. He learned that a virtual plane of reality existed within the electrical field of computers, which he dubbed the Fifth Dimension. Ritchie developed a device that enabled him to download his consciousness directly into a computer's hardware, from which he could travel throughout the virtual network, hacking into nearly any computer system he encountered.

In 1988, Ritchie was reunited with John Constantine, who had since become a mage of ill repute. John asked Ritchie to look into an organization known as the Resurrection Crusade, and Ritchie plugged himself in to his system to see what he could find out. By tracing the Crusaders' computer networks, Ritchie discovered a splinter group known as the Tongues of Fire. He attempted to hack deeper into the Tongues' computer files, but an electrical backlash surged across the system causing Ritchie's physical body to burst into flame. Constantine was horrified as he watched his friend's body burn to a crisp within seconds. Ritchie's consciousness however was still trapped inside of the computer. Realizing that there was no way to truly save him, John elected upon a mercy killing and pulled the plug on Ritchie's computer. Ritchie died, but his spirit rose from the grave and joined the ghosts of the other late members of the Newcastle Crew - all of whom had died strange and violent deaths over the past several years. 

Constantine later called upon Ritchie's spirit in order to search the global computer banks for information concerning the D.D.I.

MONITOR'S NOTES: Ritchie's desk[]


Constantine Ritchie;s desk

In the original series, Ritchie Simpson (another member of the Newcastle Crew) would eventually wind up being digitized inside a computer, with the intention of being ‘downloaded’ into a new mechanical body – before being fully transformed into a techno-demon. The version of Simpson (Jeremy Davies) viewers are introduced to is quite different, but his future is teased in the wealth of toy robots (including a prominent ‘Mr. Machine’) decorating his office.