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At the end of the episode, Dr. Wells enters a secure room to look at a paper from the future.

The Central City Citizen pt 1[]

Future paper 1

The Cental City Citizen pt 1

The time states that this newspaper is from 10 years in the future.


The Central City Citizen pt 2[]

Future paper 2

Central City Citizen pt 2

From the headline, it states that Barry Allen Flash went missing in a crisis.  He also changes his outfit to look more like the comic book version.




The Central City Citizen pt 3[]

Future paper 3

The Central City Citizen pt 3

In 10 years Wayne Teck and Queen Inc merge into one company.  This marks the fact that Bruce Wayne does exist in this universe.  Much like the comic book Bruce Wayne he helps out other JLA members when needed.



The Central City Citizen pt. 4[]

Future paper 4

The Central City Citizens pt 4

To figure out what Crisis that the Flash vanishes from it should be the Crisis on Infinite Earths.



MONITOR'S NOTES: Future Paper[]

This is just my speculation, but I expect that what ever makes Barry disappears is avoided that paper will change into another future mystery that Dr. Wells needs to guide Barry from.