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Talia al Ghul


Talia is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and one of his most loyal members of the Society of Shadows. Her mother's name, the details of her early life, training, or education have never been disclosed. She is first seen acting as her father's agent/emissary. Her father assigned her to hunt down a former associate of her father's named Vertigo who went rogue. During this assignment, she crossed paths with Batman and the two began an on again off again romance and would cross paths several more times over the years. Together they stop Vertigo's plan.

Some time later, Ra's al Ghul appears to Batman in the Batcave and informs him that his daughter was kidnapped along with Robin. This proved later to be a ruse, so that Talia could meet Batman and hopefully marry him which he refuses. After stopping Ra's al Ghul's plot to "cleanse" the world, Talia prevents Batman and Robin from arresting her father and informs her beloved that they shall meet again.

Talia meets Batman yet again in order to find her father. This time however Bruce Wayne appears more infatuated with Talia even going so far to admit that he cares for her. After rescuing Ra's al Ghul's from his latest plan, they part ways yet again.


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