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Obsessed with finding a husband, Maxima devoted more of her time to searching for a suitable man, and fighting potential suitors in single combat, than seeing to the needs of her people. Seeing footage of Superman, she became enamored with him, and came to Earth to take him as a mate. A few minutes of combat with him across Metropolis was enough to convince her that she had found "the one". After kidnapping Superman, she returned to her planet with him, only to find that one of her defeated suitors, De'Cine, had seized control of the planet. He was aided by her courtier, Sazu, who believed that Maxima had neglected the people too much in her obsession with finding a mate, and De'Cine found Sazu easy to dupe. Once Maxima, Superman, and Sazu were sent down to the planet's dungeons, Maxima's first impulse was to execute Sazu for her treachery. Superman stopped her, telling her that, just as she could not take a husband by force, nor could she rule her people entirely through terror and violence. The three of them managed to escape the dungeons and defeat De'Cine. Trying to show she had learned her lesson, Maxima refrained from ordering him killed, and instead proposed to lock him up someplace really nasty. Superman approved, though he insisted on returning to Earth. Wistfully, Maxima watched him leave—and less than a minute later, the destructively rambunctious bounty hunter, Lobo crashed through her ceiling, there to collect a bounty on De'Cine. With giddy delight, Maxima judged she had found an adequate substitute to woo in her violent way.


Maxima COMIC


The Empress of Almerac chose Superman as a mate, but became his enemy initially when her first advances were unsuccessful. While attempting to protect the Earth from the destructive beams of Brainiac 13's Warworld by using her warship as a shield, her ship exploded. Maxima has not been seen since.[]