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Batman Beyond Flash

Danica’s father was a brilliant engineer working for Cyborg in the “Batman Beyond Universe”. In her early life her family moved around allot from Metropolis to crime filled Gotham and finally settled in Central City how to the Flash. Also of note is that she was born with a connection to the speed force and could always hear the voices of past speedsters. Due to always blacking out when she participated in sports or physical activities she was sent to therapy and stopped from attending gym class. As a teen one day she was at the train station where a man fell onto the track, this and the voices she heard prompted the activation of her powers. Over the next few years she told her secret to her parents and her father helped make a costume for her, which she used to battle villains in Coast City. The past flashes also schooled her on their pasts and her powers. She also managed to land a job at the flash Museum. [Justice League Beyond #25] Her first meeting with the Justice League Beyond found her saving them from the villain Mindslide. She was then offered membership and joined the team [Justice League Beyond #20]. She serves alongside John Stewart/Green Lantern’s son Warhawk and black superhero Micron. 

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