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JLU Royal Flush Gang of Hearts

In the DCAU, this group of the Royal Flush Gang is the first team.  The government stole there name while the Queen of Hearts was in Jail.  In JLU #42, the Queen (Una Hitchens) is released from jail and was told by Wonder Woman that she has done her time and it is up to her to stay clean and turn away from crime.   Una runs into her old RFG and the have drinks talking about old times until the King of Hearts tells Una that they have a job (destory an old video adcade so the owner can cash in on the insurance and build a casino there) if she wants in but Una turns them down.  Una has been working with a charity group to buy lad to open a community center.  There she tells her story to another volunteer and admits she gets a little scared about the JLU.  Green Lantern John Stewart is there and thinks that Una my be up to no good and chases off Una.  Una goes back to the bar to play cards with her old gang to blow off steam and the King brings up the case again.  Una leaves and goes back home to cook dinner.  Wonder Woman decides to check on on Una and scares her when she sneaks in throught the window asing her about a tip that she was seen with criminals. Later that night King calls Una and she finds out that all the work she has done to help the charity to buy the land next to the video arcade and was ruined when it was bought to turn into a Casino.  Una joins her old group the Royal Flush Gang to destory the arcade when whe sees Fox Strickland (the owner and the one paying the RFG to destroy the place) standing outside and threatens him that if he doesn't build the Communtity Center, Childcare and a Health Clinic she would find him and fry him.   Green Lantern and Wonder Woman bust up to RFG never knowing the deal that the Queen made with Strickland.

King of Hearts: The King channels destructive energy though his staff.

Queen of Hearts: The Queen release fire from her hands.

Jack of Hearts: Jack can strech much like Elongated Man.

Ace of Hearts: Ace is super-strong.

10 of Hearts: 10 can duplicate his body up to 10 times.

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