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Batman Beyond Albino

Edgar Mandragora was the son of Steven Mandragora and later a member of the Brain Trust.


Edgar was kidnapped by a rival of his father's, forcing Steven Mandragora to stall testifying in court to wait out his rescue. His father had ensured that they will provided for to slip away. However, the Justice League interfered. Huntress, who had a personal vendetta against Edgar's father, thought of killing him, but instead dropped a load of girders on him. Mandragora had to cooperate with the authorities for his Edgar's sake.22The details of how Edgar grew up were unspecified, but he discovered he had psychic powers, including telepathy and telekinesis. He became a member of the Brain Trust, a secret society of metahumans who subtly kidnap children with similar gifts, claiming to the parents that they will help them. One prospect was Tamara Caulder, who had a latent psychic gift. Edgar was waiting for Batman at a fake school, where he trapped the Dark Knight in a mental illusion, all the while telekinetically throwing objects at him. Luckily, Batman is able to fight the illusion and render Edgar unconscious.22Edgar was later able to escape prison, along with Bombshell. While playing chess with two more kidnapped children, Edgar received a telepathic message from her and Schiz about a girl who could communicate with machines, not knowing it was actually her robot friend in disguise. They kidnap her and try forcing her to fix a bomb, unwilling to believe that she did nothing. Transita was able to subtly fix the bomb, covering for Ro. The Trust then planned on using the bomb to release ultraband radiation on the nearby town, supposedly awaking the dormant powers in other children. However, Ro is able to turn the children against the Trust, having Amp boost Schiz's powers to high degree to envelop Edgar and Bombshell, rendering them unconscious from the trauma of overwhelming thoughts. Authorities then arrested the Trust members.

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