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Early work of Dee Dee

A reformed Harleen raised the twins to prevent them from similarly turning to a life of crime, but ultimately failed. Delia and Deidre inherited Harley's earlier fascination with the Joker, and joined his namesake gang while still in their early teens.

Dee Dee were recruited along with Bonk, Chucko and Ghoul by the Joker for his plan to attack Gotham City. On his orders, the Jokerz stole advanced technology from a series of warehouses.22In the gang's first confrontation with Batman, the young Dark Knight made the mistake of taking them for timid girl "helpers". As soon as he turned his back on them however, they attacked with an amazing blend of skill, ferocity, and coordination.

Appearing as their "normal selves" they later attacked Terry McGinnis and Dana Tan in a nightclub, and they barely managed to avoid them.

They later were dispatched to Jordan Pryce's yacht to "take care of a loose end" alongside the other Jokerz members. The Dee Dee twins succeeded in this by ambushing his girlfriend Amy, tying her up and gagging her, and then having one of the twins posing as her as Pryce arrived at his quarters upon departure.22In the Jokerz' last confrontation at the Jolly Jack Candy Factory, Batman fought smart: first he goaded them using his invisibility powers, lured them into walking over a floor slippery with jawbreakers, before tricking them into charging into each other, knocking themselves out. 

The twins were arrested. They were bailed out into Harley's custody while awaiting their trial, as she lamented about what disappointments they were to her.


In an alternate timeline, Dee Dee and the other Jokerz were recruited by Chronos for "security" and upgraded with radically advanced technology and weapons. When the Justice League and JLU arrive, Dee Dee fought off Green Lantern and Batman, During their fight, Dee Dee recalled when they killed another Green Lantern.

In another battle with the JLU, they succeeded in killing Batman as well, though this was undone when the timeline was returned to normal.