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Hawkins family



Robert Hawkins


As a kid, Robert was a big admirer of the superhero Soul Power and bought the hero's comic book. He greatly regretted the day his mother made him throw them away. He became a successful football player during his college years. His speed gained him the nickname Streak, but unlike his teammate Rashid Randall, Robert never made a future as a sportsman.[2] Robert may have served an unspecified time in the Marine as he keeps in touch with colleague from the services. He married Jean, a paramedic, and became a social worker. He became the manager of the Freeman Community Center. He also worked as a counselor at basketball camps, at one of which he met a young Shaquille O'Neal. He led a happy life with Jean, and the couple got two children: Sharon and Virgil. The family was torn apart when, during the Dakota riots, she was hit by a stray bullet. Robert managed to see her one last time before she died. This only encouraged him to do more for the community. His dislike of gangs also grew, and he tried to get as many kids to stay away from them. He was a socially active man. After the Big Bang, he was very concerned about its effects on the rival gangs of the city, and demanded action from the mayor. It wasn't the last time he found the city council unwilling to cooperate. At Christmas, he and Reverend Anderson organized a shelter for the homeless of Dakota. It took time, but Robert began to see the potential of Static as a young superhero who could serve as a symbol of hope. It also helped that his daughter had a relationship with superhero Rubberband Man.[8] He did not figure out that his son was Static until he was kidnapped by Omnara. She had found out Virgil's secret, and planned to use Robert as a bargaining chip. Though he was saved, he had figured out exactly why he was targeted: because his son was Static. Though Virgil feared it at first, Robert quickly got around to use it whenever Sharon caused trouble.


Jean Hawkins


Jean Hawkins was a paramedic in Dakota. She was killed during the Dakota riots. Virgil traveled back in time to change the event, but he failed as she went back in the violence.


Sharon Hawkins


After the death of her mother, Sharon became the cook of the Hawkins household. She also worked as a counselor in the Freeman Community Center. She was in college, and worked as guidance counselor for several students, including Marcus Reed and Dulé Jones[2]. She also had a lasting relationship with Adam Evans, helping him get on the right side of the law. She and Virgil bicker a lot with each other, but for all their feud, deep inside Sharon truly cares for him, going to far as to persuade their father not to get angry at Virgil when he seems to be shirking his responsibilities (unknown to them, the reason was that Static's heroic forays were getting in the way of Virgil's personal life). When she was in Africa, along with her father and Virgil she met Anansi[4]. Early in her brother's career as Static she suspected the truth when she noticed various similar traits in Static and Virgil. Only a little help from Mirage fooled her into thinking she was wrong. Ironically, where she usually could barely stand her little brother, she was a die-hard Static fan.