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JSA B. C.[]



"JSA B.C."  c. 1260 B.C.
Ancient Egypt, 19th Dynasty, reign of the Ramses II

c. 1260 B.C.: Nabu becomes adviser and court magician to the pharaoh Ramses. He is humbled in battle with the Spectre, who kills Ramses for his crimes against the Hebrews.  Despite Nabu's warnings, the pharaoh's son, Ramses II, continues the persecution of the Hebrews. In retaliation, the Spectre slays the first-born sons of Egypt and then protects the Hebrews by parting the Red Sea as they flee the pharaoh's troops. Some time after these events, Nabu the Wise, realizing that his mortal form is weakening, places himself in suspended animation in a tomb in the Valley of Ur to await a new mortal host.

The murder of the Egyptian first-born is described in Exodus 12:29, the parting of the Red Sea in
Exodus 14:21-31.
Spectre v.3 #14 (1.94)

The aging wizard Shazam chooses Teth-Adam as his champion, granting him the powers of seven Egyptian gods: Shu, Heu, Amon, Zehuti, Aton and Mehen.

In pre-Crisis continuity, Adam's 1st app. was Marvel Family #1 and these events take place on Earth-S circa 3000 B.C. In post-Crisis continuity, both Shazam and Black Adam first appeared in the Power of Shazam Graphic Novel and Teth-Adam is a contemporary of Prince Khufu (Hawkman).
Power of Shazam! #10 (12.95)

Stranded in ancient Egypt by the Nebula Man, Stripesy is aided in part by the young Prince Khufu.
Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #9 (4.00)

POST-CRISIS: A Thanagarian starship crashes in Egypt and is recovered by Khufu, his advisor Nabu the Wise, and Teth-Adam. The dying pilot warns them of evil from Thanagar.  Nabu recovers a portion of the anti-gravity metal that powers the ship, called "Nth metal" by a dying Thanagarian. NOTES: In pre-Crisis continuity, the Golden Age Hawkman's anti-gravity metal was originally called "9th metal," from the eight metals of classical science.
JSA3 #22 (5.01)

After defeating Johnny Sorrow by stranding him in the Speed Force, Jay Garrick is thrown back in time to ancient Egypt, where he encounters Prince Khufu (who will one day be reincarnated as Hawkman I).
JSA3 #20 (3.01)

Still stranded in ancient Egypt, Jay Garrick discovers the wreckage of the crashed Thanagarian starship, more than 3000 years before the first known contact between Earth and Thanagar.
JSA3 #21 (4.01)

POST-CRISIS: Nabu and Teth-Adam use a portion of the Thanagarian Nth metal to forge a war gauntlet called the Claw of Horus, which they say will be instrumental in a battle to be fought thousands of years in the future. Jay Garrick returns to his own time.
JSA3 #22 (5.01)

The priest called Ahk-ton discovers a meteor, from which he fashions the Orb of Ra. He attempts to use this power to overthrow the pharoah, Ramses. He is captured, but before he can be executed, he is transformed by the meteor into the Metamorph.

This is messed up; the Outsiders tale never depicted Ahk-ton as the Metamorph, and placed the event in the time of Ramses VII. Heiroglyphs in Metamorpho v.2 claimed that Ahk-ton was a Pharoah, which is not possible during the reign of the Ramses.  Batman & Outsiders #17-18 (1-2.85), Metamorpho v.2 #1 (8.93)

Ahk-ton slays Teth-Adam's family: sons Gon and Hurut and wife Shiruta. JSA3 #44 (3.03)

Via Black Barax's Time Cube, Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel travel back in time.  They are greeted by Vandal Savage, who weilds the Orb of Ra and controls the Metamorph.

NOTE: This is the only issue which correctly states the time period: Ramses II,
19th Dynasty.
JSA3 #42 (1.03)

The 20th Century JSAers prepare to do battle with Savage alongside their ancient counterparts. Hawkgirl meets... herself (as Chay-ara)!
JSA3 #43 (2.03)

With the help of the sun-god, Ra, Vandal Savage is reduced to infancy. Teth-Adam slays Ahk-ton. The JSA members are placed in suspended animation, to be revived thousands of years hence.
JSA3 #44 (3.03)

In Egypt, Prince Khufu Maat Kha-Tar and his beloved Chay-Ara are murdered by the mad priest Hath-Set. The lovers are fated to be born again forever; 3,500 years later, they are reincarnated as Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders. NOTE: The date of these events, not stated in the original version of the story, was said to be 1567 B.C.
(Secret Origins #11). Some accounts incorrectly cite the 15th Dynasty (Hawkman v.4 #9, JSA #43).
Flash v.1 #1 (1.40), Secret Origins #11 (2.87)

Teth-Adam serves Egypt for hundreds of years. His zeal eventually drives him to be overly protective of his homeland, Kahndaq, and he attracts the attention of Shazam.  Shazam believes that Adam has been bewitched by Shazam's daughter, Blaze and he withdraws Adam's power into a scarab. Adam and the scarab are entombed for millennia.
Power of Shazam! #10 (12.95), JSA3 #44 (3.03)