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When Jennifer's mother Rachel died in a car accident when she was just 8 years old, Travis Morgan felt that air force bases was not the place to raise his daughter so he sent her to live with her aunt Marie. But Jennifer missed her father. When she was 10 she was informed that he had been killed in a plane crash. Actually, Travis Morgan had landed in Skartaris, unknown to the outside world and had begun his life as Warlord.

Years later she heard that he had turned up alive and Jennifer learned from Professor George Lakely that her father was still alive in Skartaris. Jennifer went on an expedition to Skartaris on her boat, the Lady J and was reunited with her father. Promising not to reveal the existence of Skartaris, she set sail again for the outside world. However, her ship was wrecked before she left Skartaris' waters and she ended up the sole survivor of her expedition. Jennifer was found by Faaldren, a servant of the evil wizard Deimos and he took her back to his master's castle.

There, Deimos rendered Jennifer's mind blank. After Warlord defeated Deimos in battle, Deimos' former ally, the witch Aiysha, restored Jennifer back to normal. Aiysha hoped that Jennifer, as a denizen of the outside world would teach her how to use Deimos' machinery. Magically making herself look like Jennifer's mother, Aiysha offered to teach Jennifer sorcery in exchange for being taught technology. The offer was accepted, and Jennifer made rapid progression in learning magic. Finally, Jennifer learned the truth about Aiysha, who attacked her father. Jennifer now used her knowledge of sorcery to battle Aiysha, who appeared to be destroyed at the conclusion of their fight. Jennifer then decided to remain at Deimos' castle and hone her sorcery skills.


Jennifer was a powerful sorceress. To help her father's struggle against Deimos, she summoned Justice League members Green Lantern, S.T.R.I.P.E., Stargirl and Supergirl to Skartaris. When Deimos made his assault on Warlord's camp, Jennifer used her magic to ward off the assault, to no avail, and later to ward off a giant serpent. She summoned a large phoenix that incinerated the beast. After her father defeated Deimos, she stood at his side during his speech.