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This Flash's history was identical to his Justice League counterpart until President Lex Luthor began a personal plan which saw the world threatened with nuclear war. As part of his scheme, Luthor sent the military after the Flash and they somehow managed to succeed. Beaten, bruised, and weakened, Flash was brought before the President. Held in place by two soldiers, President Luthor personally and publicly executed the Flash by shooting him point-blank with a single-barreled shotgun. 


The Flash's unjust murder caused his teammates to retaliate and attack the White House directly. During this event, Superman personally killed Luthor by incinerating the President with his heat vision. After President Luthor's execution, Flash's teammates became the "Justice Lords" took complete control of their world. Two years later, Flash's death was still felt by his teammates (most notably by Green Lantern and Hawkgirl) and even caused Batman to accidentally allow the Justice League to escape captivity, over fear that the League's Flash had died over their actions during their temporary incursion. It was during the encounter with the Lords that the League discovered that Flash was the "glue" holding both teams together and keeping them from venturing down a path too dark. Superman himself hesitated before deciding to kill the League's Flash, before he was stopped by the Justice League's Superman. During the Cadmus Crisis, the Question was captured by Project Cadmus and tortured by Doctor Moon with flashes mimicking what happened to the Justice Lords' world that included the Flash's execution. Later, the fused form of Lex Luthor and Brainiac created an android replica of Flash and then the fused villain tried to kill Flash to try recreate President Luthor's execution of Flash.

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