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Taking over

Justice Lord Wonder Woman's background was the same as her Justice League counterpart (being from the island of Themyscira where she was Princess of the Amazons) until President Lex Luthor executed the Flash. After the Flash's death, Wonder Woman participated in an attack on the White House, where she worked side by side with Batman against the Secret Service to clear a path for Superman to get to the Oval Office. Of the three, she was the most visibly shaken by Superman's decision to kill President Luthor. After that day, Diana took part in bringing peace to Earth by placing it under the harsh rule of the Justice Lords and shed her traditional costume and replaced it with a new one, while also cutting her hair short. 

Meeting the Justice League

When Justice Lord Batman revealed his interdimensional transport device to the other Justice Lords, Justice Lord Diana was able to see a universe where their dubbed themselves "Justice League" continued to battle Lex Luthor as a criminal, along side the Flash still alive, but also never took control of Earth. She also took part in the planning to transfer the Lords' brand of justice to the universe of the Justice League. After the capture of the Justice League, Diana traveled to their universe with the other Justice Lords, except for Justice Lord Batman. Almost immediately, they found themselves battling Doomsday. While Justice Lord Superman dealt with the rogue behemoth, Justice Lord Diana saved a train full of people from falling off the rail, which had been damaged in the battle. 

Soon after, the Justice Lords occupied the Justice League's Watchtower. When they were alerted that Luthor had escaped from prison, Justice Lord Diana and the other Lords left the Watchtower to deal with him. When they arrived, however, they found that the breakout was actually a trap set by the Justice League freed by Justice Lord Batman and returned to their home universe. Justice Lord Diana fought her Justice League counterpart, almost killing her multiple times. She also nearly killed the Justice League's Batman, and was only stopped by the timely intervention of her counterpart. The two Amazon women continued to fight, and it was only ended when Luthor targeted Justice Lord Diana with his energy disruptor, depriving her of her powers. Soon after, she and the other Justice Lords were returned to their own universe. 


During the final hours of the Cadmus Crisis, the fused form of Luthor and Brainiac created an android replica of Justice Lord Diana to fight Wonder Woman.

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