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Leech 2


Leech had the power to absorb other metahuman powers. He decided that, if he absorbed the powers of all Dakota's bang babies, he would be unstoppable. Because his powers were only temporary, he had to store them all in cells. Ebon was his first victim, and he used Ebon's powers to capture Hotstreak and Talon. Static and Gear managed to get away during Leech's abduction of Talon, but Leech warned Static that he'd be next. But instead of abducting Static, Leech accidentally took off with Lil' Romeo, who wore a Static costume for his latest video clip. Leech was angered by his failure and mocked by Ebon and Hotstreak. When Static contacted Romeo's shock box, Leech proposed a trade at an abandoned amusement park. Leech put Romeo in an out-of-control roller coaster, and waited for Static to take the bait. Static stopped the cart, but was taken by Leech when he was resting from the effort. He drained Static of his powers, and stored him with the rest of his victims. After soaking up all the powers, Leech went on a crime spree. Gear tried his best, but he was easily defeated by one of his own zap-caps. Leech returned to his base in an old movie studio, only to find all his victims gone. Lil' Romeo had snuck in and released them, but he and Static were locked in by the Meta-Breed. Leech found them, and engaged Static. After a short fight, he defeated him, and drained his powers again. He then went after Romeo. The young star was cornered on a walkway, but managed to zap the sprinkler system with a buzzer that was built in to his suit. Because absorbing someone's powers also meant absorbing the weaknesses, Leech shorted out. Static bound him and handed him over to the police.

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