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Batman Beyond Mutro Botha


When Curaré failed to assassinate Gotham City District Attorney Sam Young, the Master Assassin immediately ordered her killed. However, she turned the tables and hunted down her fellow assassins, one by one.

Botha was ordered to approach Batman and enlist his help in defeating Curaré, a mission that became even more urgent after she successfully disabled the Master. Botha, anticipating that Batman would be disinclined to help protect a professional assassin, planted a powerful time bomb inside Gotham. Once this was done, he "flagged down" the Batmobile with a glancing shot from a missile launcher. Having gotten Batman's attention, he told him about the bomb and promised to disarm it as soon as Curaré was defeated.

But while Batman was shadowing Botha, he broke off to rescue Maxine Gibson, who had sneaked into Botha's hotel room and been attacked by Curaré. With Botha temporarily alone, Curaré confronted him in a public park. Though he was skilled enough to disarm her of her sword, she flicked a gas capsule at his chest, releasing a chemical that wiped his mind clean. Batman felt no remorse over failing to protect Botha, feeling, as the old expression had it, "live by the sword, die by the sword". Botha unwittingly left clues behind that Max was able to decipher, allowing her and Batman to locate and disarm the bomb in the nick of time.

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