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After Onyx and Puff were affected by the Big Bang, they dropped out of school. They had no jobs or source of income, and were reduced to dumpster diving. When Puff found out there was a bounty on the head of Rubberband Man, she proposed becoming bounty hunters, an idea Onyx liked. Onyx would be the muscles of the team and Puff the brains, and on their first bounty, that meant Onyx got slammed into a wall by Rubberband Man. They decided to use different tactics in their pursuit for the following encounter. Onyx stole a radio van, and used it to listen in on Sharon Hawkins'—Rubberband Man's girlfriend—phone calls. When they learned that their bounty was going to turn himself in, Puff used a police disguise to get in the house, after which Onyx attacked the residents. Their quarry, however, got away again. Onyx finally caught up with Rubberband Man at a sports field, but was knocked out by Static. Onyx remained loyal to Puff, and joined her Meta-Men. That was a short-lived group: on their maiden heist, the Justice League came to Dakota. Onyx was knocked out when Hawkgirl smashed Carmen Dillo at him. Business went sour for the bounty hunters when Rubberband Man aided Static. Puff and Onyx turned to theft. They robbed the Dakota Mall, only to be stopped by Static and Gear,[3] and later a cinema. The managed to get away with the cash this time, however. But the nasty side was that the attack, and the following fight with Static, had his girlfriend Daisy wounded. Furious, though partly with himself to blame, Static started a manhunt for Puff and Onyx. Puff reacted by luring Static into a trap. It sufficiently distracted the hero for Puff and Onyx to make their getaway. At their hide out under the stone bridge, Rubberband Man found them. He easily defeated Onyx, after which Static sprayed water over Puff to immobilize her. They were both arrested. Puff and Onyx were employed by Dr. Roberts to kidnap Robert Hawkins, though neither of them really understood the motive.




Puff is a Hispanic bang baby whom Static defeats by mixing water into her body. This caused her to form into a fat girl which also halted her from using her powers. She was partnered with the bang baby named Coil.