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Ragtag was homeless. He made a life for himself as best he could in the docks of Dakota. As a pesky teenager was about to ask him some questions for school research, they were both hit by the Big Bang. Ragtag relocated to the construction site of Stucco City, where he made himself quite a palace on a rooftop. After discovering his power to give powers to others, he recruited the help of "Run" and "Jump", and later also "Push". By making them addicted to their powers, he gained their allegiance, and set them to commit robberies for him. Richie and Static ultimately put an end to Ragtag's operations. While he was able to absorb most of Static's powers, Richie came to his aid. In the fight that followed, Ragtag was thrown into a dumpster. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.




"Run", as Ragtag called him, was granted super speed, but in return he had to do his benefactor's bidding. Run didn't mind much, and happily served. Together with the like-minded Jump, they welcomed a third kid into their circle: Richie Foley, who became known as Push. They laughed in pleasure as they saw Push becoming addicted to Ragtag's power. At the request of Ragtag, the trio was supposed to rob the Museum. But Push got his doubts, and after realizing he had become addicted, deliberately triggered the alarm. Run berated him, and with his super speed easily broke Push' protective force field. The alarm had attracted the attention of Static, who trapped Run to a column with his "Static Cling". 




Run and Jump were gifted with super powers by Ragtag, but in return they had to do his bidding. After a couple of weeks, they had become so accustomed to the powers that they grew overconfident. At that time, "Push" was welcomed into the club. The rookie's first job for Ragtag involved a robbery of the Museum. Jump would teleport in and shut off the alarms, after which Push would break open the doors and Run would steal everything. But Push had doubts, and after Jump had teleported himself inside, Push used his own powers to break a window, deliberately setting off an alarm. Though trap doors closed in on Jump, he managed to teleport out. Run informed him that Push had set off the alarm, and Jump attacked him. He managed to pin down the newcomer, but was thrown away by the force field. Static had heard the alarm, and joined the fight. At first, Jump got the drop on Static. He teleported below him and took the Saucer with him, causing Static to fall on the ground. As he stood over Static, the hero electrocuted him, knocking him unconscious.