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Batman Beyond Ramrod

Ramrod was one of Dr. Cuvier's splicing subjects and minions.


Thinking that the splicing lifestyle gave him respect and significance, Ramrod was not pleased to find out that D.A. Sam Young was determination to proscribe splicing. In a Metro, he met King Cobra and had a spat with the only passenger who dared facing them — Terry McGinnis. However, outnumbered by police reinforcement, Ramrod headed back to the Chimera Institute, looking for the Doctor's reassurance.

Dr. Cuvier sent him with King Cobra and Tigress to dispatch the District Attorney. They would have accomplished their task, if not for Batman breaking in on time. Having been spliced himself, Batman took out the three splicers, and beat Ramrod to within an inch of his life, till Barbara Gordon deterred him. Ramrod and the others retreated, assuming that the out-of-control hero would finish their task.

After the foiled attempt on Sam Young's life, Dr. Cuvier and his followers were forced into hiding. Cuvier blamed Ramrod for this, because he had left one witness alive. Moments later, Batman broke in and Ramrod tackled him. He was determined to preserve his augmented condition, but he was eventually injected with an antidote that changed him back.22Ramrod was later apprehended by the authorities.

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