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Pat Dugan was the stepfather of Courtney.

S.T.R.I.P.E. eventually joined the ranks of the expanded Justice League, with whom he fought off Amazo, Mordru, the nano invasion, the battalion of Ultimen, and Deimos's army in Skartaris. He and Stargirl often fought side by side; and Pat worked as an overprotective father figure, always watching over and keeping his partner's reckless behavior in check.

Pat was also among the Leaguers who attended a Metropolis parade in Superman's honor. When General Eiling, who had mutated into a superpowered behemoth, crashed in and engaged the heroes, S.T.R.I.P.E. hit him with his artillery and engaged him in an aerial battle; but to no avail. Eiling tore Pat's armor open and nearly administered the coup de grace, had he not been thwarted by a civilian kid. Pat mustered enough breath to deflect the powerhouse from hurting a the child and his friends, but he was quickly tossed aside, and finally defeated. S.T.R.I.P.E. was later carried away for medical attention and technical repairs.

S.T.R.I.P.E. was back on full duty in time to repel Darkseid's invasion on Earth.


Pat didn't possess any special powers, but he operated an armor suit equipped with a range of ballistic weapons and utilities, and that also gave him enhanced strength and flight ability. Its circuitry was vulnerable to water.


Wealthy brat Sylvester Pemberton and garage mechanic Pat Dugan formed a unique bond when they had the opportunity to fight off some Nazi agents, who had interrupted a patriotic film and were inciting the audience to riot. They beat the agents soundly. Later, the two everhear a conversation while people discuss the incident at the theatre. Someone says that they wished the American flag would come to life and retaliate against those that insult it. Inspired by this discussion and their earlier success at the theatre, they each separately decide to become Mystery Men. Sylvester and Pat designed “Mystery Men” costumes for themselves, each based on a part of the American flag. Sylvester’s costume was based on stars part of the flag, and he became the Star-Spangled Kid. Pat took the stripes for his costume, and became Stripesy. The two operate independently for a while, and then end up as partners.

They had no superpowers whatsoever, but manifested the ordinary American’s fighting spirit, and took on villains like Dr. Weerd and the Needle. Developing a partnership, Sylvester persuaded his father to hire Pat as an in-house mechanic and chauffeur, so they could more easily work together.

The two became part of the superhero team the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron. The Seven Soldiers of Victory battled the Nebula Man sometime after the war. The resulting explosion destroyed the villain, but stranded the Seven Soldiers in different time periods. The Seven were rescued by the Justice League of America and Justice Society of America and returned to the present day. Upon his return, Dugan married a woman named Maggie, who later left him to raise their son Michael on his own. Sylvester Pemberton's black sheep relative Arthur had stolen Dugan's patents during their disappearance. Upon hearing about this, Sylvester returned the patents to Pat, and the two reconciled. Dugan was later involved with Infinity, Inc. and their battle against the Injustice Society. The group's first victim is Sylvester Pemberton. The villains Harlequin, the Dummy and Hazard focus their attention on Dugan, just days later. Their plan was to kill him at Stellar Studios, the headquarters of Infinity, Inc. When Pat's son became involved, Hazard exeperienced a change of heart and uses her powers to save their lives. Dummy uses the two as bait but Hazard further throws the battle and the group is defeated. Hazard willingly gives herself up to the police.


Dugan had gotten married again and settled in Blue Valley. His stepdaughter, Courtney Whitmore didn't like him one bit, became the second Star-Spangled Kid Cosmic Converter Belt after finding out he was Stripesy , partly in order to annoy him. This led Dugan to develop a robotic suit of power armor and assume the identity of S.T.R.I.P.E. so as to accompany and protect her. She would later gain Starman Jack Knight's cosmic rod and become Stargirl

Dugan also has gone on missions without Courtney. During the Day of Judgement incident, he travels into space with Captain Marvel and Starfire. Their goal was to retrieve the Spear of Destiny to use against the fallen angel Asmodel, who had led a demonic invasion of Earth. The trio of heroes battle reanimated corpses of abandoned Russian cosmonauts and the corrupting influence of the Spear itself. Dugan is forced to subdue Starfire and the Spear is brought back to Earth and successfully used.

Dugan and his family moved to Metropolis, where he has assisted Steel. Since then, they have moved back to Blue Valley.

Due to Klarion the Witch Boy Dugan would become younger, aged to pre-adolescence with many other heroes. He joins in on at least one battle while without his armor because it was too big, tackling a mystically created monster with his bare hands. Pat, along with most everyone affected, turns back to normal when Klarion is blackmailed into reversing the effects.

Pat has also worked with the Justice Society of America for a time, mostly in a support role. He retooled one of Ted Knight's old designs and created the 'Steel Eagle', a new aircraft for the team.

Recently Pat has completely re-engineered S.T.R.I.P.E., changing its appearance. Occasionally his son,

Mike Dugan

has been known to operate the S.T.R.I.P.E. suit.