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Batman Beyond Sam Young

Sam Young was Gotham City District Attorney in the 2040s, and the husband of Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon.


Sam and Barbara married some time after she retired as Batgirl. In time, he and Barbara rose to become the heads of the two main enforcers of law and order in Gotham City: the District Attorney's office, and the Police Department. Their working relationship was not always harmonious—on at least one occasion Barbara complained that Sam's office had dismissed charges against a criminal that her department had gone to great lengths to apprehend—but on the whole their marriage was a happy one, though apparently childless. Though he was not a man of action, compared to his former crime-busting wife, he was every bit as devoted to justice and order. On several occasions his crusading endangered his life as his criminal opponents sought to do away with him. Once, the arms dealer Fyodor Davic hired the Society of Assassins to eliminate Sam rather than be implicated by his testimony, leading to his stalking by the deadly assassin Curaré. On another, he was attacked in his home by henchmen of Dr. Abel Cuvier, after his public pronouncements to outlaw splicing. During a benefit dinner for his re-election campaign, Barbara included among his accomplishments in office that he had convicted and imprisoned nine organized crime bosses, instituted a "no tolerance" policy on unregistered guns, and tightened parol restrictions to keep violent offenders from being released. At the same benefit dinner, he was attacked by Mad Stan, but the combined efforts of Barbara and Batman saved him. Whether he ever learned of his wife's secret past is not known, but he never made reference to it.

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