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Shenice was genetically engineered in a lab to have enhanced strength and agility, able to jump up buildings and leap from rooftop to rooftop. The two brilliant scientists who created her, Drs. Jonathan and Dolores Vale, fell in love with her and took her home from the lab. Although Dolores never gave birth to her, she and her husband still considered her their baby. Throughout her life, Shenice had been pursued by agents from the lab who wanted to recapture her, her jaunts as She-Bang having proved that she was worth reclaiming and cloning (until they were arrested). She hoped to fit in and be mistaken as a Bang Baby in Dakota, because it was frustrating for her to pretend to be a quiet wallflower of a girl. Later on, she helped Static and Gear to face-off against rogue Metahumans on three more occasions. Personality-wise, Shenice was not very modest or humble. Her showing off as She-Bang tended to get on Static's nerves to the point where it caused tension on their always-shaky friendship.

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