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Brandon was a brilliant physics student, eager for Hollywood fame. He wrote a screenplay, and became a personal assistant for producer Bernie Rast. Rast proved to be a tough boss. He didn't even bother to read Brandon's screenplay. In fact, he did not even manage to remember Brandon's name, calling him "Bradley" instead. In desperate need of money to produce it himself, he came across a golden opportunity when his boss started producing a reality show around Dakota's superhero Static. He created a device that allowed him to feed off Static's electrokinetic powers, and amplify them. He hid the feeding device in a microphone that Static had to wear with him during the show. He donned a costume, and named himself Starburst. With his new powers, he went on a robbery spree, with Static proving unable to stop him. Even when Static tapped directly into Dakota's power grid for extra power, Starburst's mimicry box still allowed him to overpower the young hero. Starburst's fall came eventually. Since he only appeared when Static was being recorded, Gear found the transmission device in the microphone. Static destroyed it, rendering Starburst powerless. Gear secured him with a zap-cap. Bernie Rast gave himself the honor of unmasking Starburst on TV. When he found out it was "Bradley", Brandon told him why he became Starburst: because he thought Rast was a jerk, who never paid attention to anyone. His rant was cut short when Rast received a phone call and stopped paying attention to his former employee.

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