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THe Derby

Batman Beyond The Derby

The Derby had been around for decades. It was well guarded and robbing it was generally regarded as not a good idea. Melanie Walker tried it nonetheless, hoping to rescue her family from what she thought was a Jokerz kidnapping.


Tyrus Block was a member of the Derby.


Bennie was nervous, twitching and insecure. He was also a bad poker player, and his playmates knew that. He would often look for ways to pause or postpone the game so he could calm down. By the second day, he was already 50.000 creds down.


Lula may have been the only woman in the Derby, but she was smarter, quicker, and by far more dedicated to her money. When Ten robbed the Derby, Lula tried to stop her, but her shooting was not accurate—she hit anything but Ten.