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Trapper was, with Specs, a senior at the Vanmoor Institute, and a tutor to Virgil, Daisy, Duncan and Henry. As a side job, they worked for Edwin Alva, for whom they built machines that could track down Static. After their first attempt failed — they crashed their robot into Alva's office — Alva took them under his wing so that they wouldn't cause too much trouble to anyone else. They had to work on Alva's attempt to bring back his petrified son, but they did their own experiments in their private time. Alva did not take kindly to that. Specs and Trapper eventually donned their experiments, and Trapper became Speedtrap — with special gloves, he could manipulate time and trap items and people in a temporal field. They managed to capture Static. Trapper held him at bay while Specs went for Alva, but Static managed to overload the gloves. Static escaped when Alva entered. During the escape, the restoration lab was destroyed, Alva fired them. In retaliation, they stole Alva Junior's body, and brought him to the — now closed — Vanmoor Institute. A reluctant Static went after them. After a bomb was activated, Speedtrap had to stall it with his gloves in order to save his own life, allowing Static the opportunity to leave. Trapper was arrested. Specs and Trapper served their time, and returned with a vengeance. With the help of the dimwitted goon Tarmack, they managed to steal a fusion engine from Alva. With it, they planned to power a "Disaster Maker" (named by Trapper) — a device that could destroy the soil beneath Dakota—unless a ransom was paid. They counted against their goon Tarmack. When he returned — unhappy about the meager pay he was given for the theft — Trapper trapped Tarmack with another set of special gloves. These new gloves could shoot constraining straps. While holding Tarmack pinned against a wall, Specs tried to shoot him — but missed and hit the reactor instead. When Static, Gear and Rubberband Man appeared, he was quickly defeated.

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