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The Viking Prince Devil Ray was sent to retrieve the corpse of the Viking Prince from a melting glacier. When he and his teammates were intercepted by Wonder Woman, Devil Ray shot her with a poison dart, and if not for King Faraday, he would have killed her. When the Viking ship was thawed out, Devil Ray towed it with a submersible, and was followed by Wonder Woman. He engaged the Amazon in an underwater battle, and even though Devil Ray was in his "natural" environment, Wonder Woman defeated him by cracking his helmet and leaving him adrift. Devil Ray was put away, but he soon escaped to rejoin the Legion.Devil Ray's death Nanda ParbatHe was then sent on another mission ― stealing the Heart of Nanda Parbat. Devil Ray would not allow anyone to stand in his way, so he coldheartedly disposed of the monastery's Master, Deadman's mentor, without thinking twice. Later on, when the Legion assailed Gorilla City, Deadman possessed Wonder Woman's body to take revenge against Devil Ray, and beat him badly. After the Legion was defeated, Devil Ray attempted to kill Wonder Woman, whereupon Deadman lunged into Batman and shot him, plunging Devil Ray into a panel and electrocuting him.


Jlu 26

JLU #26

Devil Ray was intended to be Black Manta, Aquaman's archnemesis from the DC Comics, but his name had to be changed for this show due to Aquaman embrago (proposed Aquaman tv seris). In the show, he never actually encounters Aquaman, and is instead a rogue of Wonder Woman.