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Following the revelation that Captain Atom had operated in secret for a number of years and the publication of his "history", reporter Mabel Ryan decided to track down the man who was Dr. Spectro. Though all of the material in Captain Atom's "biography" was actually false, a computer run through of known criminals came up with Roy G. Bivolo as the most likely person to be Dr. Spectro.

Further investigation proved Bivolo could not have been Spectro, but that his father, who had perfected the technology which enabled Roy to become the Rainbow Raider, had an assistant named Tom Emery. Ryan speculated that Emery was also Dr. Spectro, and confronted the man with her case, offering him money in exchange for his story.

Emery at first denied ever hearing of Dr. Spectro, but then decided to cash in on his knowledge of the Bivolo scientific technology. He agreed to tell his story, but Ryan discovered he was a fraud. Undaunted, Emery decided to prove to the US government that he knew they were lying to the public and he became the living embodiment of the lie. He donned a technology laden costume and became the real Dr. Spectro.

After committing several public crimes to call attention to himself, he came into conflict with Captain Atom. The battle was no contest and Captain Atom took Spectro to jail.

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