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Sister to Darkseid's servant,Desaad, Bernadeth was one of the first recruits into the Female Furies.

Bernadeth hated being a subordinate. When Big Barda, the former leader of the Female Furies, left to live on Earth, Bernadeth saw it as a chance to seize leadership for herself. However, Darkseid instead appointed Lashina as leader, leaving Bernadeth to plot revenge. Eventually, she had an opportunity and left Lashina stranded on Earth. Bernadeth then assumed leadership of the Furies. Lashina later returned to Apokolips with the Suicide Squad and, after a long and vicious fight, snapped Bernadeth's neck, killing her. Darkseid, appalled at the fact that Lashina had brought outsiders to Apokolips, killed Lashina and resurrected Bernadeth. After Darkseid resurrected Lashina, Bernadeth agreed to share leadership of the Furies, with Lashina acting as the field leader and Bernadeth leading them outside of battle.

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