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JLU Stompa


An original member of the Female Furies, Stompa is the brute strength of the group and one of Granny Goodness' favorite subjects due to her unfaltering loyalty. Her weapon of choice are her anti-matter gun boots, which enable her to create massively devastating earthquakes by stomping the ground.

Stompa participates in nearly every mission given to the Furies, and has battled several super-heroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, and more often than not, Orion. She has also encountered Supergirl on several occasions, which usually ended in Supergirl inflicting damage to Stompa's ankles.

A valuable member of the Furies, Stompa is indifferent as to who leads the group. While she and Lashina seem close, Stompa will follow orders just as quickly from Bernadeth. Like Mad Harriet, Stompa usually abstains from the drama that erupts between the Female Furies, though she has shown to argue with Artemiz.

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