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JLU Steppenwolf


Steppenwolf served as commander of his monarch/sovereign Darkseid's Parademons for many years. During Apokolips's first invasion of Earth, Steppenwolf spear-headed the invasion force, and was also given the particular task of capturing Superman.However, the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit led by Dan Turpin helped Superman turn the tide. Steppenwolf later commanded an invasion of a planet, as part of Darkseid's continuous search for the Anti-Life Equation. However, his battle fleet was ambushed by an armada from New Genesis, and he was forced to retreat. He was unable to escape, but managed to update Darkseid on the situation. Darkseid commended the general for his years of service, and ordered him to destroy as many as he could in the time left. Steppenwolf was killed while acknowledging the order. Orion then sent his flagship to Apokolips via boom tube, where it crashed into a fire pit, causing considerable damage.

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