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The son of an orthodontist, Paul Booker was a small time crook with a police record. On the run from the law he found an unlocked apartment window, and slipped inside to hide from the pursuing police. By chance, he had chosen the home of Thomas Kalmaku, the former friend and confidant of Green Lantern. Furthermore he accidentally activated a control for a hidden panel, revealing Thomas' Green Lantern casebook. Upon reading the volume, Booker discovered the secrets behind both Green Lantern and the Flash ( Barry Allen). Using the knowledge to his advantage, Booker adopted the costumed identity of Major Disaster. Major Disaster was one of the many villains who first appeared when Lex Luthor joined Grodd's Secret Society. He took part in the attack on Gorilla City and was seen blasting out of the ground near Solovar. Eventually, the Justice League foiled the villains' plan. Later, Major Disaster sided with Grodd during the mutiny against Luthor. He was hit by Volcana's fire blast. Strangely, Major Disaster was seen in Luthor's group when Killer Frost froze his allies. He did not survive the explosion of the ship.

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