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During his first few years as Green Arrow, Oliver Queens heroic reputation found itself capturing the attention of another experienced bowman known as Arthur King, who was also taking up the stage name called Merlyn the Magician. Openly challenging Green Arrow to an archery duel, Merlyn found himself shocked when Green Arrow bested Arthur in the match. This was also a loss where Arthur couldn’t accept properly and was never seen again by the public after the match. But Arthur’s experiences with the bow took another turn when using his skills as a hired assassin, also sharpening his skills to be the greatest assassin and if he ever came across the Green Arrow again. By the time his reputation grew, Arthur took on the assassin name of his former alias, Merlyn and later found himself recruited into the League of Assassins.

Merlyn was a supervillain whose archery skills rivaled that of Green Arrow. Merlyn became a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom. At meetings, Merlyn was given a seat between fellow villains Lady Lunar and the Shark. Later, when Lex Luthor took control of the Legion, Merlyn was among those who showed little faith in his leadership. When Grodd was freed from imprisonment by Tala, Merlyn sided with him against Luthor. Merlyn, Bloodsport, The Key, and other villains fought in the Legion headquarters against Luthor and his sympathizers. He was not among those who made the final stand.

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