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Siobhan McDougal was the first born child of Garrett McDougal, the patriarch of a clan of old Gaelics that resided on an island halfway between Ireland and Scotland. The clan had remained stationed there for a thousand generations. The island held the Castle Broen, the battleground for the first born McDougals to battle for the honor of leading the clan. It was a ritual as old as the clan. It was extremely important to all who reside on the island and one Siobhan only paid heed to as part of her family lore. She left her clan at an early age to travel the world. She had grown tired of life with the clan and needed an escape. She had remained away for an extended period of time and only returned when she received news that her father had died. Upon her return, the proceedings for the next ritual were already underway. She was told by her uncle Seamus that she was not to take part. He didn't want a woman to be clan leader and had already decided her younger brother Bevan would take her role in the ritual. Siobhan took this as an affront and decided to do the ritual herself, alone. The ritual involved calling forth supernatural forces for power. She almost succeeded but her brother Bevan inadvertently interrupted her mid-ritual to disastrous effect. The forces consumed her and drug her into the Netherworld. In the Netherworld, an ancient being known as the "Crone" granted her power and a means to return to the land of the living as the Silver Banshee. She demanded repayment in the form of an occult book that had belonged to her father. Upon her return to her clan, she discovered her father's books were shipped off to the States to be sold. Thus her journey brought her to Metropolis. Not one to be delayed, Silver Banshee killed any and all who stood in her way of finding the book. This drew the attention of Superman, who tried to stop her. She had a leg up however as one of his weaknesses is magic. Their battle was fierce, but she was still unable to defeat Superman so she fled and left the mission to find the book for another date. Silver Banshee was sent by Grodd to Skartaris along with Metallo to retrieve a large chunk of Kryptonite. They offered themselves as advisors for Deimos, the land's dictator. In the battle, Banshee used her sonic wail to kill some of Warlord's warriors, but was eventually thwarted by John Stewart. When he was briefly distracted, Banshee took the opportunity to make a run for it and return to the Legion's HQ. Silver Banshee was present at the Legion's civil war, where she sided with Grodd's faction. Using her wail, Banshee almost killed Heatwave, but was foiled by Star Sapphire. She was presumably killed following the destruction of the Legion's HQ.

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