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JLU Sir Swami


As a core member of the Injustice Guild, Sir Swami was a magician with seemingly limitless powers that emanated from a wand that never left his side. In a contest to decide who would conceive a plan destroy the Justice Guild of America and the Justice League, the Guild created a contest, in which each member would see who could commit the best crime related to the four elements of the ancient world. Sir Swami plotted to steal a jewel related to the element Fire and was met with resistance from John Stewart and The Streak. Unable to defeat either of them, Sir Swami used a phone-booth to pull a magical vanishing act and escape. After graciously losing the contest, Sir Swami helped in Dr. Blizzard's blimp scheme, which was foiled by the combined efforts of the Justice League and Guild. It is unknown if he survived the war-ravaged world's transformation back since it's unknown if he survived the war.

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