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The key



The Key was a chemist who worked with Intergang. After using his mind-expanding chemical to tap into parts of the brain that normally go unused, The Key was able to come up with very complex crimes that where not always understood by most people. Along with his group of followers, the Key-Men, he found himself going up against the likes of the JLA. The Key was originally sent by Grodd to help Lex Luthor escape from prison and bring him to the Legion's headquarters. His next mission was to accompany Luthor and Dr. Polaris to Blackhawk Island to steal the Spear of Longinus for Grodd. The Justice League intervened and Key was knocked out by the Flash, but they escaped when Luthor threatened to kill Chuck Sirianni. They returned to the Hall of Doom and Luthor learned that Grodd only wanted the Spear to hang it at his office. During the Legion mutiny, The Key sided with Grodd's faction against Luthor. As a result, he was among the Legionnaires frozen by Killer Frost and subsequently destroyed by Darkseid.

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