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Gotham Girls Cat Sitter (S2E7)


Harley and Ivy survey the wares at Spencer's Electronics—specifically, a big-screen TV. Ivy claims that it's beneath her to steal electronics, but Harley wants to buy it. When Ivy asks who would hire her, she seeks out Catwoman, who insists that she works alone. On the other hand, she's going out of town, and needs somebody to take care of a kitten named Bongo. She's sure they'll become friends. 

Harley duly begins to care for Bongo, a hungry young lion. It's not long before he makes it clear that he wants to go out, so Harley takes him out in a baby carriage, complete with pacifier. After surprising at least one woman on the street, while Harley is looking the other way, Bongo chases a dog in another direction, forcing Harley to run after him. 

The chase takes them through Sam's Fine China, up a tree, and in the middle of traffic, wearing Harley down physically and mentally, leaving them both growling at each other. That night, Catwoman arrives home, and finds Harley and Bongo curled up together on the sofa.