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Blok was born on the planet Dryad, home to a race of silicon-based lifeforms, one of the few that doesn't require carbon. As a result, human settlers thought the planet was uninhabited. After careful observation, the Dryads opened communication with the humans. The two races co-existed with each other. However, it was revealed that Dryad's core was becoming increasingly unstable and would explode soon. The Legion of Superheroes arrived to help evacuate the inhabitants. The Dark Man secretly rescued five humans and a Dryads named Blok and fed them lies that the Legion was the cause of the planet's destruction. He gifted them with powers. Dark Man's mental-based powers were not as effective at brainwashing Blok and helped the Legion defeat him.

Blok joined the Legion of Superheroes soon after. Unlike most members, he didn't take on a codename. Over the years, Blok built up a reputation as the most dependable member and the most knowledgeable about Legion history. 

Animated History[]


  • Far From Home


  • Timber Wolf
  • The Substitues
  • Chain of Command
  • Sundown
  • The Man From The Edge Of Tomorrow
  • Cry Wolf
  • The Karate Kid
  • In The Beginning
  • Dark Victory