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Drake Burroughs was born some time in the late 30th century. As a young man he attended Metropolis University. One day, while studying at the University's research center, Drake was caught in a laboratory explosion that completely destroyed his body. For reasons unknown, his consciousness survived, and the atoms of his body reconstituted themselves as pure antimatter. A scientist named Professor Vultan created a specially designed suit to contain Drake's energy form. The suit enabled Drake the ability to function in a relatively normal existence, and it also provided him the ability to channel a wide variety of new energy-based powers through the suit. Calling himself ERG-1, Drake applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Unfortunately, the Legion maintained a policy which forbade inclusion of members whose powers duplicated those of other members. ERG-1's power-set included abilities shared by others such as Superboy, Colossal Boy, and Shrinking Violet. As such, his application for membership was rejected


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