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LOSH Triplicate Girl


Luornu Durgo is a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes under the code-name Triplicate Girl. Luornu is a Carggite from the planet Cargg, one of the Buffer Planets seeded by Mon-El, after the Dominator Invasion! of Earth. The planet was settled between Dominion space and Earth to prevent any future attacks.

The planet colonized by Meta-gene positive human beings. The planet with three suns, which allowed its Carggite inhabitants the ability to split themselves into three identical bodies. She left her home world to of tryouts for the Legion on Earth, and she demonstrates her power to the Legion's three founders separately. Luornu then surprised them when they gathered to find they had each been approached by the same girl simultaneously.

Triplicate Girl is the fourth member to join the Legion, she developed a crush on Superboy when he was brought to the future from the 20th Century. Luornu suffered life was changed forever when Brainiac 5's creation the robot Computo, went rogue and killed one of of her duplicates . In Carggite tradition if one died they all died, Luornu's on the other hand some how survived with two. Whilst in mourning she took the code name Duo Damsel since she is only able to split into two bodies. 


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