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Jack Gruber as seen in the television series Gotham.



GOTHAM (Fox tv series)

Gotham: Rogues Gallery[]

Jack Gruber was an inmate of Arkam Asylum in the television series Gotham.  He had a particular interest in electricity and experimenting with the minds of fellow inmates.

Gotham: What The Little Bird Told Him[]

The Electrocutioner

Gotham The Electrocutioner

The Electrocutioner and Amygdala visit Irwin's Electronics to get his lab back and kills Irvwin for double crossing him.  It is descovered at Gotham P.D. that The Electrocutioner's real name is Jack Buchinsky. He's a career criminal who wanted to get to Arkham.  Jack is after Sal Maroni.  

Gordon tells Maroni that he knows Maroni was in league with Buchinsky, and that it's Buchinsky who attacked the restaurant. He offers to take Maroni into protective custody, saying that they'll catch the bad guy and Maroni will get rid of a dangerous nuisance.  

The Electrocutioner and Amygdala find Maroni.  Gordon pulls a gun on them but is disarmed by a blast from Buchinsky's harness. Gordon subdues Amygdala and, while Buchinsky is monologuing, splashes a cup of water on his machine, shorting it out. 

MONITOR'S NOTES: Comic Book Origin[]

Electrocutioner 1

Electrocutioner 1

The Electrocutioner, a self-appointed executioner of criminals who slip through the hands of the law, begins a series of crook-killings in Gotham City with his electrically-charged suit. A touch from one of his hands delivers a severe shock, but when both his hands touch a victim the circuit is completed and the victim dies. Batman has three encounters with the Electrocutioner. In the first, killer Mike Caine dies; in the second, Batman rescues Dane Whitney; in the third, the Electrocutioner falls through a window, grips a metal railing, and shocks himself, so that he lets go and plunges off a cliff into the river below.