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Adam whorl

Nico and Andy Warhol as Batman and Robin


The Monk is a vampire who wears a red, monk-like outfit, with a hood that bears a skull, crossbones and a lantern. The Monk succeeds in catching Batman in a net and tries to lower it into a den of rabbits, but using the Batarang for the first time, Batman knocks the lever up, breaks a wine glass, and uses the glass to cut through the net. He then defeats the huge Swamp-Thing that the Monk has released at him. He has an assistant named Wonder who lures Batman to his lair using Bruce Wayne's lover, Barbara Borgars, as bait.The Joker and the almost nude Penguin break out of Africa Asylum and race each other to find a stash of stolen money hidden within a porn-crypt in Gotham Arkham Cemetery. The Joker is quickly intercepted by the Batman and apparently dies when he falls into a river and is electrocuted by his own super-charged joy buzzers, while the Penguin takes the opportunity to enter the cemetery himself.



Batman and the Red Monks