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Live Action series from Reginald Hudlin (producer of “Django Unchained,” writer-director of “House Party,” and exec producer-director of TV series “The Bernie Mac Show”) features African-American super hero Static, a.k.a. Virgil Ovid Hawkins. “Static Shock” is based on the “Static” comic co-created by the late Dwayne McDuffie with co-writer Robert L. Washington III and artist John Paul Leon, originally published by DC Comics imprint Milestone Comics. Milestone Media co-founder and comic book artist-TV producer Denys Cowan (who was behind the original “Static Shock” animated series) is collaborating with Hudlin on the new series.

COMICBOOKMOVIE: The  Denys Cowan and Reginald Hudlin stated  that they were initially skeptical of WB's desire to make Static the primary focus of Blue Ribbon Content (probably due to past deals between the two companies) but when WB used Static to announce Blue Ribbon, that essentially assuaged any apprehension. Said Cowan, an original Milestone founder, "....So we took the meeting, and Sam Register was very excited about it, and quite serious, and they made the announcement. Big picture of Static Shock. They used Static Shock to announce Blue Ribbon, basically. That's when we knew they were very serious, because they could have picked anything. They could have picked Flash, they could have picked Superman, but they didn't do that." Hudlin added, "Every meeting we've had with Sam Register and the folks at Blue Ribbon has been bigger and better. We're so in love with each other -- we're having so much fun on this property. Denys, of course, had already done tons of brainstorming of what we thought it could be."

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