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Super Friends Bio:[]

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Unlike most of the Super Friends, Black Vulcan was not a pre-existing DC Comics character. This is particularly notable since DC Comics' roster did include an African American superhero with electricity-based powers, Black Lightning, who could not be used on the show due to disputes between DC and Black Lightning's creator Tony Isabella. Black Vulcan appeared in The All-New Super Friends Hour cartoon series (episode "The Whirlpool").His powers include the ability to emit electricity from his hands. He can also fly by charging his lower body with energy. On a few occasions, he exhibited powers he had not shown before, such as the ability to assume a form of pure energy and travel at the speed of light (in an unsuccessful attempt to escape a black hole). He was able to travel back in time by fluctuating his body's energy to open a rift in space-time. Black Vulcan is able to spot-weld microelectronics.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law:[]

The Multi-Culture Pals

The Multi-Culture Pals

Black Vulcan made several appearances on the show Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law voiced by Phil LaMarr. He debuted in the season one episode, "Very Personal Injury", in which he was present at the trial when Apache Chief sued a coffee shop. In the episode, he describes his power as "Pure electricity…in my pants." This becomes a running gag; whenever someone makes a double entendre, he utters some variation on " my pants." He claims that he previously used the name "Super Volt" before Aquaman suggested his present name, which Black Vulcan believes is a racist slur. Black Vulcan suggests that Aquaman should therefore be called "White Fish". At the end of the episode, Black Vulcan and Apache Chief form "The Multicultural Pals" with other superheroes of color and Jesse Jackson. In "Peanut Puberty", Black Vulcan gives advice to the character Peanut as he goes through superhero puberty and acquires his powers. In the episode "Booty Noir" he has a menage a trois with his ex-girlfriend Norlissa and Reducto.