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Oliver tracks down an accountant, Backman, for the secret organization and steals his laptop in order to redistribute all of his money back to the people he stole from. While decrypting the laptop, Felicity uncovers a link to Walter—a $2 million transfer was made to Dominic Alonzo, an underground casino owner who was hired to kidnap Walter. With Felicity posing as a card sharp, the pair infiltrate the casino; after being beaten and threatened, Alonzo reveals that Walter was killed. Oliver informs his family; Moira immediately confronts Malcolm, who reveals that Walter is alive. Oliver, who was listening in, discovers that Tommy's father is heading the secret organization, and uses Felicity to hack into his phone records to ascertain Walter's location. As the vigilante, Oliver frees Walter and reunites him with the family. Meanwhile, Laurel goes to Tommy to get the truth about why he left, and Tommy reveals that he believes she is meant to be with Oliver, who still loves her. In a flashback, Robert Queen is shown disagreeing with Malcolm's proposed "Undertaking", which would involve leveling the Glades and kill thousands of people in an effort to rebuild the area and remove the crime. As a result, Malcolm has a bomb planted on the Queens' yacht just before Robert and Oliver set off. 


  • Ted Kord is referenced in a flashback scene. In the comics, Ted is the second Blue Beetle.
  • Also in a flashback scene, Malcolm reveals that The Undertaking will be performed with the "Markov device". This is a reference to the seismologist Brion Markov, who in the comics is the hero Geo-Force.
  • When Oliver brings Laurel pizza, 5 years ago, she mentions "Ray and Jean". In the comics, Ray Palmer is a superhero, The Atom, and Jean Loring was his girlfriend, then wife and later his psychotic ex.
  • The fight in the apartment complex in Blüdhaven is an hommage to the Indonesian action/martial-arts movie The Raid: Redemption. Oliver fights off a dozen opponents in the hallway similarly to the protagonist of that film. The final thug is taken out by bashing his head repeatedly against a pillar, referencing the final shot of the hallway fight in The Raid: Redemption.