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Present Slade explains to a visibly nervous Oliver that he has contributed to his mother’s mayoral campaign, sharing the sentiment that he knows how it feels to be written off by those around him. Providing the gift of Reuther rum from his native Australia, Slade toasts Moira and Oliver to friendship, noting how it must have been hell for Oliver on the island all those years ago.

Back in the past, Oliver continually trains his bow accuracy and endurance for the coming fight, as Slade plans their assault on the freighter, and Sarah prepares a mysterious concoction. Sarah pulls Oliver aside to suggest that they burn the Mirakuru, rather than risk it falling into Ivo’s hands, after which she implores Oliver to kills Ivo before he can reveal the truth of Shado’s death to Slade. That night, the three share Slade’s Reuthers rum in preparation, as Oliver asks Sara to tell his family he changed on the island, should he not survive, and Sara asks the same of Oliver that she died on the Queen’s Gambit. Later, Oliver dreams of Shado stabbing him for the betrayal, before the three prepare for their assault.

On the freighter, Ivo corresponds with a voice over the radio about a woman’s continually deteriorating condition, before bringing up a prisoner to mutilate for an experiment. Meanwhile, Oliver shoots a flaming beacon on the beach on his second try, the explosion of which alerts Ivo before the surgery, as he tasks the boat’s crew with apprehending Oliver and his friends.

The men find Oliver in front of the beach fire, capturing him and dragging him aboard the ship into one of the cells, wherein adjoining cellmates Reverend Thomas Flynn and the brutal Hendrik greet him. Oliver is quickly brought before Ivo and injected with sodium pentathol to tell the truth, while back in the present Oliver continues to converse with Slade and his mother. Oliver attempts to stab Slade with an ice pick when his mother turns her back, but Slade easily deflects the attack and insists on meeting the rest of his family on a tour of the house, including Thea.

Back on the freighter, Oliver admits under the serum that the beach fire was a distraction, falsely claiming Sara and Slade have infiltrated the engine room, as Sara’s earlier concoction gave Oliver the ability to resist Ivo’s anticipated injection. A short while later, Oliver breaks free of the guards and meets Slade and Sara on the upper deck as they parachute in from the island. Meanwhile in the present, Oliver silently dials Felicity and the others at the lair, as Sara recognizes the voice of Slade Wilson, and immediately sets the team to action.

Back on the boat, Sara frees prisoners amid the chaos, even as Hendrik attacks her for her earlier alliance with Ivo, though Flynn saves her from further harm. Oliver makes his way topside as Ivo radios a mysterious woman named Jessica, before Oliver finally confronts him. Ivo insists that Oliver was responsible for Shado’s death, having been given a choice, but despite Oliver’s denials, Slade has already overheard the conversation from behind Oliver. Slade attacks Oliver for the betrayal as Ivo slips away, though the unpiloted freighter allows Oliver the chance to get free, making his way to Sara and the other prisoners. Oliver reluctantly agrees to abandon ship with them, though Slade pulls Oliver back over after the others jump, throwing him in a cell and killing a surviving officer to take command of the ship.

In the present, Diggle sets up outside the Queen residence with a sniper rifle, while Roy enters the mansion to get the Queens away from Slade, and Sara slips in another entrance. Roy announces his presence, as Slade seems to recognizes the boy’s strength from his handshake, before being somewhat caught off guard by the appearance of Sara. Seeing his circumstances, Slade bids farewell as Oliver offers to walk him to the car. An unseen figure incapacitates Diggle, as Slade reveals to Oliver his intention to fulfill a promise made to him five years ago, before driving off.

Back in the past, Sara and the other survivors reach the island, as Slade drags Oliver out of his cell to face a captive Ivo. Slade reveals that he kept the last vials of Mirakuru, as he orders Ivo to show him how he shot Shado, in spite of either man’s pleas. Slade severs Ivo’s hand, promising not to kill Oliver until he’d suffered as much as Slade had for Shado’s death. In the present, Moira suggests Oliver leave their home if he plans to treat her guests so poorly, as we see that Slade planted multiple cameras throughout the Queen residence during his tour.