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Watchmen Under The Hood

Under the Hood is the autobiography of Hollis Mason, where he explains the events leading up to the time when he became the masked adventurer Nite Owl, and discusses the formation of the Minutemen. The first five chapters of the autobiography are printed along with the first three chapters of the Watchmen series to coincide with Alan Moore's depiction of the alternate reality he has created.  


The first chapter details his friend Denise and his speculation of his father's actions. And in an attempt to explain the "saddest thing" he can remember, he reiterates his time in Moe Vernon's auto repair shop and the "Ride of the Valkyries".


Mason ponders his career choice as a New York City policeman by sourcing it to his time with his grandfather who taught him moral values, thus his instant disgust toward the people of New York. While expressing his excitement toward the release of comic books he reveals his early desire to become a super-hero of sorts himself. The true trigger of his entry into night-time crime fighting is an article about the first live super-hero, Hooded Justice.


He decides upon the name 'Nite Owl' and details the rigorous task of creating a costume. He then gives brief information and opinion about each of the other masked adventurers who came about around the same time as him. Afterward he reflects about who they were as people, and what people thought of them.


In the shortest chapter he sums up the beginning and the end of the Minutemen. Starting with Captain Metropolis mailing Silk Spectre to the Comedian's dismissal (and a lot of Hollis' distaste for him), to the deaths of the Silhouette and Dollar Bill.


In his largest chapter he discusses the relentless dilemmas of the '50s, due to Sally's child, Hooded Justice's disappearance and the lack of costumed villains. Then the '60s opened with the arrival of Doctor Manhattan and the true super hero. Marking his retirement and the rise of Ozymandias, he looks to the future of his auto repair shop and the new Nite Owl.